Considering a New Opportunity

One of the areas that brought Joe and I together was missions. We both have hearts for God’s world and His people. Joe has never felt drawn to a particular region of the world or type of ministry, whereas I have had a heart for France for several years. Though newlyweds, I felt we had reached a point where we could start laying out ideas and making plans, equipping, and begin to pursue. After the last Missions Sunday at our church, we both felt strongly that we are to go … somewhere … eventually. I began looking at mission opportunities in France with different organizations to see what is out there and get ideas to help equip us now. I found two that looked interesting and showed them to Joe, and he then told me to contact for more information. One of them is an opportunity in France (Paris region) as a Project Manager, which has been his specialty for the last 14 or so years. We are still in communication with the organization and we are prayerfully considering this opportunity to serve Christ with our skills and gifts in France. Please pray with us.

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