God’s Trust in David: Do As Seems Good To You – I Samuel 24:4

I Samuel 24:4, the Lord said to David, “…that you may do as seems good to you.”

David had a heart after God, and God’s Spirit was with him, as we learned in previous chapters.
When Saul found himself in the cave where David hid, the Lord trusted David to do “as seemed good” to him. David could have easily killed his enemy, yet the Lord knew his heart and trusted him. David, though imperfect and definitely not sinless, continually wanted to do the Lord’s will. He abided in the Lord, and trusted also in the Spirit.

Sometimes the Lord puts us in situations where He trusts us to do what seems good to us. Is what seems good to us the same as what God deems as ‘good’? Are we abiding in Him, and He in us? Are we continually seeking His will, plan, and purpose, or our own?

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